4-H pullet and pumpkin show

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Jordan Rose (Senior age group 14 – 19 years old)
2021 Dickenson County 4-H Pumpkin Show winner. Jordan grew a 78 lb white pumpkin of the Polar Bear variety and a Peanut Pumpkin (aka galeux d’eysines pumpkin). Typically, Polar Bear Pumpkins weigh between 30 - 65 lb, but may exceed 100 lb. Peanut Pumpkins are unique in the warty texture of the skin. The peanut-like growths are caused by excess sugar that bubbles up as the pumpkin grows. This high sugar content makes them great for cooking and eating. Jordan has been growing pumpkins since 2011 and when asked about his secret to growing pumpkins, he said that he would rather keep that to himself.
The 4-H pullet and pumpkin show was held at the Coalfield Agricultural Center on Tuesday, October 12.